Who Won The New York Primaries?

On Tuesday 19th April, both the Democrats and the Republicans held their all-important New York primaries. With 291 and 95 delegates available respectively, these contests were seen as key determiners of who each party will nominate for the US general presidential election, which will be held in November this year. So who won the New York Primaries? Continue reading “Who Won The New York Primaries?”

Will The Boycott North Carolina Campaign Work?

North Carolina recently passed a piece of anti-LGBT legislation, which has since been derided across the US. Increasingly, prominent individuals and companies are boycotting the state, employing a tactic used to overturn similar legislation in Indiana. Will the boycott North Carolina campaign work? Continue reading “Will The Boycott North Carolina Campaign Work?”

Can Bernie Win New York?

US Senator for the State of Vermont Bernie Sanders recently won a resounding victory over his rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic Party Wisconsin Primary. With his campaign’s momentum building by the day, can Bernie win New York and position himself to become the Democratic Party’s standard bearer in the general US Presidential election? Continue reading “Can Bernie Win New York?”