Embracing Fitness: The Mental Side Of Getting Fit

If you’re like me, and you’re not a natural gym bunny, then getting fit is a trial to be endured. Not only do you have to push your body day-in and day-out, but you need the mental fortitude to see your fitness regime through. As someone who took a long time to find the right fitness programme, today I thought I’d talk about how in order to do so, I had to develop the right mindset.

Two year journey

A while back, I regaled you with the incredible tale of my two journey to becoming a fitter me. It took a lot of hard graft, determination and above all, resilience. I’d spent years trying fad diets and crazy exercise regimes and none of them worked. Oh they were effective at first, but it never lasted. I’d always lose motivation eventually, regain the weight and start the whole cycle all over again. Continue reading “Embracing Fitness: The Mental Side Of Getting Fit”

Changing My Fitness Routine For My New Normal

I recently started an exciting new job as a Content Executive for a financial technology firm. This had an unexpected impact on my fitness routine, forcing me to make changes to a regime that I’ve doggedly followed for years. Here’s how I adapted my fitness routine to meet my new normal. Continue reading “Changing My Fitness Routine For My New Normal”

The Vegetarian Conundrum: Why I Know I Should Go Veggie But I Won’t

As a well-educated, socially aware professional, I’d like to believe that I hold myself to the high moral standards which I’ve gradually come to place significant value in over the years. But we’re all hypocrites and I’m no different. I want to take some time to delve into an issue I’ve grappled with for years – vegetarianism – and why I’ll never stop eating meat even though I know really I should. Continue reading “The Vegetarian Conundrum: Why I Know I Should Go Veggie But I Won’t”

What Exactly Is My Five/Two Diet?

I have a co-dependent relationship with food, so I’ve always had trouble losing weight. However, about two years ago I started tailoring my  diet based to a five/two ratio and it’s proven really effective for me. If you want to find out whether it would be something you could do too, keep reading, as this week I ask: what exactly is my five/two diet? Continue reading “What Exactly Is My Five/Two Diet?”

My Two Year Journey To Losing Weight

In late 2014, I decided to make a massive life change and ditch the pounds. It’s over two years later, I’m a hell of a lot lighter, way more confident and feeling so good. If you want to learn how I did it, keep reading as I take you on my journey to losing weight. Continue reading “My Two Year Journey To Losing Weight”