Seven Handy Tips for Budgeting Your Finances

Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you that I’m a typical Yorkshireman. I hate spending money. This means that over the years, I’ve become an expert in saving, identifying ways to claw back every penny I can. I wanted to share some of my hard-learned wisdom with all of you, so get your pen and paper out and start taking notes, as I reveal seven handy ways to budget your finances.

#1 Use a spreadsheet

It’s a good idea to have a written record of your budget, which you can refer back to and adapt as needed. I use an excel spreadsheet, as it’s versatile enough to allow me to change my spending plans when necessary. On this, I record the nature of the cost (e.g. rent), the amount, frequency of the payment and whether it’s money going in or coming out, so I have a clear overall picture of my finances. Continue reading “Seven Handy Tips for Budgeting Your Finances”