Seven Channels You Should Subscribe To On YouTube

YouTube is to the 21st Century what television was the 20th. The rise of this innovative content sharing platform has allowed us to access more information than ever before, expanding our horizons and enriching society in the process. But with so many videos out there, it’s hard to know how to truly maximise this cutting-edge digital medium’s vast potential. That’s where I come in.

I’ve always has a vast thirst for knowledge, and with the rise of YouTube I’ve been able to indulge my insatiable curiosity to a degree I’ve never been able to before. I’m basically the expert when it comes to what to watch on YouTube, as I’m on there way too often! So utilising my considerable knowledge, here are my suggestions for seven channels you should subscribe to on YouTube… Continue reading “Seven Channels You Should Subscribe To On YouTube”

Is The Populist Wave Starting To Die Down?

The political landscape saw a fundamental shift in 2016, as an anti-globalist populist wave washed over the Western World. But as the realities of Brexit and Trump become increasingly clear, I’m beginning to sense a change in the wind. Is the populist wave starting to die down? Continue reading “Is The Populist Wave Starting To Die Down?”

Looking Back On A Year Of Blogging

It’s time to celebrate, because this month marks my one year blogging anniversary! The beginning of the year is when people traditionally take stock and determine how to move forward, so now seemed to like a good time to reflect back on my first year of blogging… Continue reading “Looking Back On A Year Of Blogging”

When Will Britain Leave The EU ?

To my utter dismay, the people of the UK have decided to leave the EU (commonly known as ‘Brexit’). But this process won’t happen overnight, as the leaders of the UK and the EU will need time to determine how to execute Brexit. When will Britain leave the EU? Continue reading “When Will Britain Leave The EU ?”

What Would The Economic Impact of a Brexit Be?

Earlier this year, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the UK will hold a referendum on whether to leave the EU (often referred to as a Brexit) in June 2016. With the vote creeping ever closer, now seems like the right time to ask: what would be the economic impact of a Brexit be?

Continue reading “What Would The Economic Impact of a Brexit Be?”

UK Announces EU Referendum Date

Following his party’s pledge before the most recent British general election, Prime Minister David Cameron has now revealed when the UK will hold a referendum to determine whether it will remain a member of the European Union (EU). Continue reading “UK Announces EU Referendum Date”