US 2020 Democratic Primaries: I Still Feel The Bern

It’s four years on – but in some ways nothing much has changed. Bernie Sanders is running to become the Democratic candidate in the US 2020 Presidential election and just like I did in 2016, I feel the Bern and think that he’s the best person for the job. Here’s why… Continue reading “US 2020 Democratic Primaries: I Still Feel The Bern”

Looking Back On A Year Of Blogging

It’s time to celebrate, because this month marks my one year blogging anniversary! The beginning of the year is when people traditionally take stock and determine how to move forward, so now seemed to like a good time to reflect back on my first year of blogging… Continue reading “Looking Back On A Year Of Blogging”

Jennifer Lawrence Issues Challenge To Trump Opponents

Following Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has issued a challenge to his opponents. With these words, I strongly believe that the star has revealed how we as liberals can eventually take back power from the Trumps of the world. Continue reading “Jennifer Lawrence Issues Challenge To Trump Opponents”

Who is the Democratic Nominee?

After months of fierce campaigning, we finally know who the Democratic Party will put forward as their standard-bearer in the general US Presidential election. So who is the Democratic Nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or US Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders? Continue reading “Who is the Democratic Nominee?”

How Likely is Donald Trump To Be President?

New York billionaire Donald Trump recently trounced rivals US Senator for Texas Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Indiana Republican Primary. Indiana was a make-or-break contest for Cruz and Kasich, meaning their losses forced both to drop out of the Republican Presidential nomination race. At this point it seems prudent to ask; how likely is Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America? Continue reading “How Likely is Donald Trump To Be President?”

Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?

With a recent string of losses, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that US Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders will best rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for the US general Presidential election. But the race isn’t over yet, so could Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton and go on to become his party’s standard-bearer? Continue reading “Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?”

Who Won The New York Primaries?

On Tuesday 19th April, both the Democrats and the Republicans held their all-important New York primaries. With 291 and 95 delegates available respectively, these contests were seen as key determiners of who each party will nominate for the US general presidential election, which will be held in November this year. So who won the New York Primaries? Continue reading “Who Won The New York Primaries?”

Will The Boycott North Carolina Campaign Work?

North Carolina recently passed a piece of anti-LGBT legislation, which has since been derided across the US. Increasingly, prominent individuals and companies are boycotting the state, employing a tactic used to overturn similar legislation in Indiana. Will the boycott North Carolina campaign work? Continue reading “Will The Boycott North Carolina Campaign Work?”

Can Bernie Win New York?

US Senator for the State of Vermont Bernie Sanders recently won a resounding victory over his rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic Party Wisconsin Primary. With his campaign’s momentum building by the day, can Bernie win New York and position himself to become the Democratic Party’s standard bearer in the general US Presidential election? Continue reading “Can Bernie Win New York?”

Hillary Clinton, The Reagans and LGBT Rights

Recently, Hillary Clinton walked back her previous comments concerning the Reagans and AIDs. This may seem unimportant to you, but to me its just another reason why I would prefer that Bernie Sanders become the Democratic nominee for the Presidential election over Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton, The Reagans and LGBT Rights”