Making My Case For Immigration

There’s one word that’s constantly in the news these days – immigration. It recently occurred to me, while watching coverage of the current ‘DACA’ debate in the US, that as a society, we have a lack of understanding of why immigration is so essential, and I believe that’s to our detriment. Drawing on my own personal experiences as a small-town boy in the big smoke, here’s my case for immigration. Continue reading “Making My Case For Immigration”

Why Did Donald Trump Win The 2016 US Presidential Election?

The long wait is finally over. We now know that Republican Donald Trump will succeed Barack Obama, to become the 45th President of the United States. Considering his deep unpopularity, why did Donald Trump win the 2016 US Presidential Election?

Continue reading “Why Did Donald Trump Win The 2016 US Presidential Election?”

Who Won The Third Presidential Debate

The third and final debate of the US Presidential election season was held on Wednesday 19th October 2016. During this event, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton went all out, trying to convince voters that they were the best candidate to replace President Barack Obama. So who won the third debate and what happens next? Continue reading “Who Won The Third Presidential Debate”

How Likely is Donald Trump To Be President?

New York billionaire Donald Trump recently trounced rivals US Senator for Texas Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Indiana Republican Primary. Indiana was a make-or-break contest for Cruz and Kasich, meaning their losses forced both to drop out of the Republican Presidential nomination race. At this point it seems prudent to ask; how likely is Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America? Continue reading “How Likely is Donald Trump To Be President?”

Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?

With a recent string of losses, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that US Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders will best rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for the US general Presidential election. But the race isn’t over yet, so could Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton and go on to become his party’s standard-bearer? Continue reading “Could Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?”

Can Bernie Win New York?

US Senator for the State of Vermont Bernie Sanders recently won a resounding victory over his rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic Party Wisconsin Primary. With his campaign’s momentum building by the day, can Bernie win New York and position himself to become the Democratic Party’s standard bearer in the general US Presidential election? Continue reading “Can Bernie Win New York?”

Why Is Donald Trump So Popular?

Defying all expectations, Donald Trump is leading the race to become the Republican nominee for the US Presidential election, which will be held later this year. Considering how controversial his candidacy has been, just why is Donald Trump so popular? Continue reading “Why Is Donald Trump So Popular?”

Hillary Clinton, The Reagans and LGBT Rights

Recently, Hillary Clinton walked back her previous comments concerning the Reagans and AIDs. This may seem unimportant to you, but to me its just another reason why I would prefer that Bernie Sanders become the Democratic nominee for the Presidential election over Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton, The Reagans and LGBT Rights”

Antonin Scalia and the Balance of Power

In a very surprising turn of events, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died this weekend. This could change the face of the 2016 US general election, as well as American culture for the next decade or two, depending on who picks Scalia’s successor. Continue reading “Antonin Scalia and the Balance of Power”

Donald Trump Turns to Birtherism…Again

Last week, the Republican Party held their latest US Presidential debate. Their leading candidate, Donald Trump, decided to trot out an old tactic and use the birther argument to take down his nearest rival, Ted Cruz. Continue reading “Donald Trump Turns to Birtherism…Again”