Seven Handy Tips for Budgeting Your Finances

Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you that I’m a typical Yorkshireman. I hate spending money. This means that over the years, I’ve become an expert in saving, identifying ways to claw back every penny I can. I wanted to share some of my hard-learned wisdom with all of you, so get your pen and paper out and start taking notes, as I reveal seven handy ways to budget your finances.

#1 Use a spreadsheet

It’s a good idea to have a written record of your budget, which you can refer back to and adapt as needed. I use an excel spreadsheet, as it’s versatile enough to allow me to change my spending plans when necessary. On this, I record the nature of the cost (e.g. rent), the amount, frequency of the payment and whether it’s money going in or coming out, so I have a clear overall picture of my finances. Continue reading “Seven Handy Tips for Budgeting Your Finances”

Moving On: I’ve Got A New Job In Manchester!!

Everything happens for a reason. It sounds like a cliché – one I’ve never put much stock in before, but I’ve been coming around to this way of thinking lately. Why? After seeing the pillars which have supported my life for so long fall down around me, I’ve secured a fantastic new job in Manchester! Continue reading “Moving On: I’ve Got A New Job In Manchester!!”

Reviewing Bar 21 – The Jewel Of Manchester’s Northern Quarter

I partied a lot over the Christmas season, celebrating the holidays with my loved ones in various cities across the UK. While I was visiting my friend Maria in Manchester, we went to Bar 21 in the city’s artsy Northern Quarter and I would absolutely recommend that you check it out. Here’s why… Continue reading “Reviewing Bar 21 – The Jewel Of Manchester’s Northern Quarter”