How to Travel With Friends

Holidays can be far more rewarding when you have friends to share them with. Whether you go backpacking together, all pile into a hostel or book a group stay at a fabulous hotel, you can have a ball of a time when you jet out to pastures new with your friends. But spending all your time with other people, even people you love, can be exhausting, so here I explain how to travel with friends and have an amazing holiday without getting on each other’s nerves! Continue reading “How to Travel With Friends”

How to Find Your Way Around a New City

If you’re planning to head off on a fabulous city-break this Easter, stick around. Jetting out to a foreign metropolis like Prague or Vienna can allow you to visit wonderful attractions and explore a fascinating new culture. But you won’t be able to actually these sites, if you don’t learn how to find your way around a new city. Here are five tips you might want to try out on your next city-break… Continue reading “How to Find Your Way Around a New City”

Five Places to Visit in Vienna

Austria’s capital city of Vienna boasts sophisticated culture, high art, breath-taking music and magnificent monuments. If you’re thinking about planning a trip to what many call ‘the city of music’ in 2016, here are five places I think you should definitely include on your itinerary. Continue reading “Five Places to Visit in Vienna”