About Joe James Davis

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Hi. I’m Joe James Davis. I’m a Content Executive at Igniyte Online Reputation Management in Leeds.

Growing up

Originally, I’m from Scarborough. I was born in 1988 and grew up in Eastfield, Scarborough. As a child I looked up to several figures in my life, most notably my Mum, Felicity Newbold. She taught me about life, history, politics and generally being a good person. I like to think I’ve carried that last lesson with me into adulthood!

Pastures new – Lancaster

After withstanding the rigours of Pindar Secondary School and Scarborough Sixth Form College, I departed Scarborough for pastures new; Lancaster University. I had an amazing three years at Lancaster. I met some of the most influential people in my life and developed some of my strongest friendships in the lecture halls, bars and clubs of this truly historic city.

A new challenge – Sheffield

Once I’d received a 2.1 from Lancaster University in English Literature and Religious Studies, I moved on to my next challenge. I completed a post graduate diploma in Magazine Journalism in Sheffield, which led me to spark up a career in content creation. Following my post grad I spent just over a year as a staff writer at We Are Chic Limited. Specifically I worked primarily writing features on a part-time basis for Chic Lifestyle Magazine and Student Magazine.

To the present day – Leeds

Eventually I decided to move into a new industry; digital content creation. This led me to accept a post as a Content Executive at Igniyte Online Reputation Management in Leeds. I packed my bags and made the move to West Yorkshire and from there it’s been nothing but up. I have been at Igniyte since September 2013 and have become a consummate digital content creator with an emphasis on blog writing. I thought it was finally time to try my hand at writing my own.

Away from work – what I do in my free time 

Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m the very definition of the work hard/play hard type. Away from work I enjoy socialising, listening to music (professional pop connoisseur at your service), going to bars and clubs etc. I often spend my weekends traversing the North of England on a packed train to enjoy a few days (and nights) with old friends. I’m also really interested in pop culture, celebrity gossip, literature, history, politics (as anybody who’s ever spent five minutes with me will tell you), current affairs etc.

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