DIVE NQ: The Perfect Place To Start A Night Out In Manchester

Famous for its live music acts, bustling gay quarter and upscale cocktail bars, Manchester offers you the chance to enjoy the night of a lifetime. Want to start the night off right? Head to Dive NQ first, where you can drink, dance and be merry, putting you in the mood to trip the light fantastic.

Location, location, location

Based on Tib Street, Dive NQ is ideally located for a Manchester bar crawl. A few minutes away you’ll discover popular Northern Quarter drinking holes such as Tusk, Bar 21 and Cain & Grain, while you’re also just a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Gardens. It only takes a quarter of an hour to reach the rainbow-festooned bars of Canal Street, with the neon light-strewn dance floors, from here too.

Just chill outside

If you’re approaching Dive NQ from the back, you’ll notice that it has a killer outside area. Basically, it looks like that ideal summertime beer garden, with a green surface meant to resemble grass, dotted with classic wooden benches and chairs. Whether you’re looking to have a quick cig, or while away the hours in the sun with a cold beer and good friends, this is the perfect place to do it.

All about the layout

The layout of Dive NQ is – believe it or not – one of its most attractive features. Wide and spacious, while boasting classic upscale bar décor such as exposed brick walls, Dive NQ is an ideal gathering spot. I’ve been to many a meet up here, and I can attest first-hand that it easily holds a hundred people without feeling too crowded. At the same time, there are more intimate spots where you can sit and just enjoy a quiet drink with friends, giving you the best of both worlds here at Dive NQ.

How much are the drinks?

On that subject, now we reach the most important question. How much are the drinks? Dive NQ charges pretty typical prices for Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It’s about £4 – £5 for a pint and upwards of that for drinks like vodka Red Bull. You can get pretty good deals on cocktails though!

Listen to them tunes play

As you can imagine with a spacious bar like Dive NQ, it has a killer dance floor, where you can jive and groove to all your favourite tunes. From 80s classics and 90s standards, to more modern tracks from the likes of Ariana Grande and Sia (e.g. those found on Now 94!), there’s a wide variety of songs that play regularly here which you can get down to. It’s an especially good spot for R&B fans!

Night of your life

In other words if you start at Dive NQ, you’re destined to have the night of your life! Just picture it. You can order a few pints of Pravha, dance to the likes of Whitney Houston on the floor, nip out for a few crafty cigs with your mates, and then move on to Crazy Pedros next door which serves some of the best pizza in the city! This is the kind of night out that a party animal’s dreams are made of!

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