Changing My Fitness Routine For My New Normal

I recently started an exciting new job as a Content Executive for a financial technology firm. This had an unexpected impact on my fitness routine, forcing me to make changes to a regime that I’ve doggedly followed for years. Here’s how I adapted my fitness routine to meet my new normal.

Long journey

I told you a while back that I went on a two year journey to embrace a healthier me. A big part of that involved bringing more exercise into my daily life. I’d walk into work (40 minutes there and 40 minutes back) as well as do a half-hour cardio routine four times a week. This was highly effective.

I also tried to control my base urges by creating my own version of the ‘Five/Two diet’. This basically involved restraining myself during five days of the week, and eating whatever I wanted for the other two. I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s really allowed my to keep my weight in check. Even when I moved to Manchester I managed to keep all this up. But everything changed in October 2018.

Exciting new life

Here’s some context. I enjoyed my old job as a Content Executive at a travel company, but I was looking for a new challenge. A recruiter came to me with a new Content Exec role at a dynamic financial technology firm in Manchester City Centre and I couldn’t resist. The role looked engaging, it was obvious the people were friendly, and the location was ideal. It was a really positive change.

I absolutely adore working in the city centre. I now get to have much more of a social life, often meeting people after work instead of just walking home and chilling at mine for the night. This is great, but it made keeping to my old fitness regime incredibly difficult. One obvious issue was walking to work – I now have to commute by bus, so that wasn’t an option. Also, if I stay in the city centre after work, I often don’t get time to do my exercise routine. What was a boy to do?

Time for the gym

One thing I forgot to mention is that my new employers offer us free membership at a nearby PureGym. I’ve always been a bit wary of gyms. Going to a place where muscle-bound gym bunnies who look better than I ever could and forcing myself to use odd looking machines always seemed crazy to me. Plus it’s hard to fit a session at the gym into the hectic life of a young professional.

I really wasn’t sure about taking my company up on their offer at first. But one day some people on my team told me that PureGym does classes, and asked me if I wanted to go with them. I was intrigued, and after finding out that we were allowed to extend our lunch hour by 15 minutes if we went to the gym, I thought I’d give it a try. After all, I really needed some way to keep fit.

I was nervous going into my first class. But do you know what, they’re actually alright. Admittedly, they’ve made me realise that I’m not quite as fit as I think I am. Doing exercises with bizarre names like ‘leg raises’, ‘fire hydrants’ and ‘planks’ for half an hour several times a week is no easy task. But the instructors are good at what they do, the classes easily slot into my schedule, the workouts are challenging enough to keep me engaged, and having friends to go with makes everything easier.

Trying something new

There’s one thing I want you to take away from this article. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your fitness regime. The truth is that things change. What worked before may not work when your lifestyle changes. Yes, it was intimidating to go to the gym but I’m glad I did it. You never know, you might just surprise yourself when you try something new and find an even better way to keep fit.

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