Moving On: I’ve Got A New Job In Manchester!!


Everything happens for a reason. It sounds like a cliché – one I’ve never put much stock in before, but I’ve been coming around to this way of thinking lately. Why? After seeing the pillars which have supported my life for so long fall down around me, I’ve secured a fantastic new job in Manchester!

Destabilising times

I had a rough time after getting my post grad in 2011. It was tough to find a job, especially as a new graduate with little experience in my chosen field – commercial writing. I was living in Sheffield at the time, and I boosted my CV by doing part-time writing work at a local lifestyle magazine. It was perhaps the most destabilising period in my life, as for the first time, I had no idea what was coming next.

It became obvious to me that I needed to get experience in online writing. The world is changing, and print is somewhat of a dying medium, so this seemed like an obvious strategy to pursue. So, I picked myself up by my bootstraps, got applying and eventually found a position with an online reputation management company in Leeds called Igniyte. Suddenly I found myself moving to an entirely new city, where I didn’t know anyone, and what I had ahead of me was the adventure of a lifetime!

Discovering a home

I’ve come to see Leeds as my home. I thrived at Igniyte, developing my online writing skills and becoming proficient at commenting on a variety of sectors, from travel to finance. I found a house share in Burley Park – just a five-minute train ride from the city centre, and I adored it so much, that this house soon became my home. I made friends, establishing a large social circle of people that I have come to see as my family away from home, and who by the way I’m so sad to be leaving.

My world, however, was turned upside down in April of this year. Due to business changes at Igniyte, I was made redundant. It was certainly a shock. But I’ve been through much worse before, and I wasn’t going to let this get me down. The double whammy came, however, when my landlord told me he had decided to renovate my house, so he needed us all to move out by the end of June. Suddenly my hard-won security was gone and my life was changing – whether I wanted it to or not.

Finding new opportunities

And so, I started trawling the job ads and looking for a place to live – yeah… I’ve been busier lately than I was at Igniyte! I realise that you quite simply have to go where the jobs are, so I started looking in Manchester. This is a fantastic city for commercial writing opportunities, and I know Manchester quite well as I have friends there. I probably know Bar 21 in the Northern Quarter better than some of the locals thanks to my friend Maria! Manchester is somewhere I’ve wanted to move to for quite a while, so it seemed like the obvious choice. It’s strange how things come together sometimes isn’t it!

As luck would have it, a Content Executive job came up at the Travel Counsellors in Manchester. I’ve always had a penchant for travel, and I’ve done plenty of travel writing before – just look at this blog and you’ll soon see what I mean, so me and this job seemed like a match made in heaven. The position itself also looked amazing, so I applied post haste, and after jumping through just a few hoops, I was offered a position with Travel Counsellors! Now it seems like I’m going at 100mph, as I’ve got two weeks to find a place and uproot my whole life, to start all over again in another city. Exciting times!

Preparing for pastures new

It just goes to show that you never know what’s around the corner. My world was turned on its axis back in April when all of this started, but my redundancy led me to get a job in Manchester – where I’ve wanted to live for such a long time, and to make a change that if I’m honest, I wanted to make for even longer. I have no idea what’s in store for me in future, but I just can’t wait to find out!

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