Navigating The Exciting World of Airbnb


If you’re looking to jet off for a fabulous holiday, you’re going to need somewhere to rest your head, while you go out and explore your fabulous destination. Instead of going for a traditional hotel, and paying a pretty penny to do so, why not book somewhere through Airbnb? You won’t regret it!

What is Airbnb?

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick rundown of Airbnb. It’s an online platform which you can use to book a stay at someone’s house while you’re on holiday. The major plus of Airbnb is that it’s often cheaper than standard hotels. It also comes with an extra benefit – you stay with someone who knows your chosen location inside and out, so they can tell you best the places to visit in your chosen destination, ranging from restaurants to attractions, helping you get more from your getaway.

You’re spoilt for choice, if you decide to book accommodation through Airbnb. It has ‘hosts’ in a wide variety of locations across the world, from Prague to Singapore, so whatever destination you’re looking to discover, there’ll be something for you. You may be worried about staying with someone you don’t know but don’t worry. Airbnb verifies all hosts extensively, and provides various trust building measures, such as its review facilities, to ensure you’re extremely safe when using its service.

Book your stay

So how do you use Airbnb? Well first you need to sign up and it’s incredibly easy. Just visit the website and choose to sign up by using your Facebook account, meaning the process takes just seconds! Then the Airbnb team will send you a confirmation email – just click the provided link to verify your account and you’re good to go. To use the service, head to the search bar at the top of the site, type in your chosen destination and Airbnb will provide you with a broad range of hosts to choose from!

If you like the look of a host’s place, click on their ad, head to the check in/check out tool on their page, type in your required dates and see if there’s availability. You can also find a variety of essential information on the listing, including an ‘about’ section, and details on the space, utilities, pricing, house rules, cancellation policy, safety features and neighbourhood, as well as reviews from previous guests. With all this information, you can put your mind at rest that this is the right place for you!

Do you like the look of this listing? Click the ‘book’ button on the page, and you’ll be taken to a form where you can type in any necessary information e.g. payment details, you need to arrange your stay. Afterwards, you’ll get an email confirmation of your booking from the Airbnb team. The great thing about this is that this message includes the contact information for your host. You can use this to finalise the details of your trip with your host – such as check in times, giving you real convenience!

Enjoy your trip

Now everything’s arranged, what will staying with an Airbnb host actually be like? Pretty wonderful really, because every host on the service is looking to make sure you give them a fantastic review, so more people will want to book their place! You’ll often find that Airbnb hosts will be all too willing to help you reach their accommodation, provide you with Wifi access, advise you on how to spend your time during your getaway, give you a key so you can come and go as you please and a whole lot more!

The Airbnb experience doesn’t end when you leave your host. After you check out, the platform will ask you to give your host a private and public review. The latter gives you the chance to either sing your host’s praises, or warn others against them, while the former allows you to express any issues you had with your host with them privately, helping them improve without damaging their reputation.

It’s important to remember that while you get the chance to both privately and publicly review your host, they get the opportunity to do the same. This strategy is designed to make sure that the host’s interests and safety are protected just as much as yours, because you if you know that they can review you too, you’re more likely to act appropriately while you’re a guest in their home. Also keep in mind that when you pay for an Airbnb, your bill will include cleaning, service and VAT charges.

Pack your bags!

Book a place at an Airbnb today and you’ll have the getaway of a lifetime. With plenty of hosts to choose from, and robust safety measures for all involved, Airbnb can provide you with accommodation options for any traveller – no matter how big your bank balance is – and a friendly face to welcome you to your destination! Now just pack your bags and prepare for an amazing holiday!

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