Seven Ways To Save Money On A Night Out

I bloody love a good night on the tiles, but I’m also one of the thriftiest people you’ll ever meet. I’ve got the ability to dance the night away, while keeping my bank balance in check, and I can tell you how to do the same. Here are seven ways to save money on a night out and still have a ball!

Money on your mind

It’s so much easier to keep costs in check, when you’re dancing under the strobe lights, if you set limits. It’s really important that you stick to a budget on a night out, so you’re not tempted to spend too much when you’re drunk. Make sure you leave your card at home, so you have no choice but to resist the urge to draw more cash out, or buy drinks on card, which is ridiculously expensive!

All about pre-paration

Have you ever heard the term ‘pre-drink.’ It refers to the act of drinking at home, or at your mate’s place, before you head out and it’s a really good tactic. After a few rounds of pre-drinking, you’ll be just buzzed enough to hit the clubs, so you won’t need to spend a packet on booze while you’re there. After all, you could get a whole bottle of Vodka at Tesco, for the amount you’d pay for two vodka and red bulls in some bars!

Guide to getting there

One of the most costly parts of a night out is transport, so how can you spend less getting there? If you live within half an hour of where you’re going, walk – it’ll do your body good! Otherwise opt for public transport on the way there and only get a taxi if you’re heading home late, as taxis can charge insane prices. Also you download the Uber app to your phone, if you live in cities like London, as you can use it to slash taxi costs by doing a ‘ride share’ with your mates, so you all pay for it!

Night out itinerary

Strategically plan your night out beforehand, so you don’t visit bars which charge exorbitant prices. Say I was going out in Leeds. I would start somewhere dirt cheap, like a Weatherspoons, and work my way up to more expensive places, such as Viaduct, so by the time I get there, I’m tipsy enough that I’m not bothered about drinks. Check the bar’s drinks menu online before, to see whether it’s too rich for your blood and also see whether they charge a cover price or have special offers on.

Be really brazen

There’s one simple trick that I always use, to ensure my drinks bill stays low on night out. Just ask the bar tender, “can I have a glass of whatever is cheapest please?” Yes, it’s really brazen and it’s not a polite thing to say, but trust me, it works every single time, helping you pinch those pennies. Also if you’re getting spirits, request the ‘house’ version, as it’s always the cheapest one they have!

Rounds are for spenders

It’s social convention to get round in for your mates when you’re at the bar. Who needs to be like everyone else! If someone asks to get a round of drinks in, politely decline and just get your own. People have a habit of splashing out for expensive drinks, such as cocktails, when someone else is footing the bill and even though you can do the same, it’ll still add up, so round just aren’t worth it!

Take-away money worries

It’s almost impossible, when you’ve had a few, to resist a takeaway. If you can, do, but if you can’t, go for something cheap like cheesy chips – your wallet will thank you! Again, looking prices beforehand is a good idea, so you know what’s cheap enough for your bank balance. Alternatively, do what I sometimes do – order two take-aways at once and save one for breakfast, so you don’t splurge on hangover food the morning after! Trust me, cold take-away tastes surprisingly awesome!

It’s really a lifestyle

Take it from me – you can have tonnes of fun dancing the night away, while cutting costs wherever you can. It’s all about your mindset really – after you’ve used these tips on a few nights out, you’ll start looking for ways to save on instinct, and you won’t really think about it, so you can still keep things on the cheap while having a blast with your friends. And that’s what it’s all about really!

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