My Two Year Journey To Losing Weight

In late 2014, I decided to make a massive life change and ditch the pounds. It’s over two years later, I’m a hell of a lot lighter, way more confident and feeling so good. If you want to learn how I did it, keep reading as I take you on my journey to losing weight.

Major decision 


I was as thin as a rake as was a child, but the pounds started piling on in my teenage years. I’ve tried a number of tactics, from begrudgingly following vegetable-heavy diets to ‘dance-ercising’ in my bedroom at uni, to shift the weight. My tactics worked, but my real problem was a lack of will power – I’d stop trying and the weight would return.

Fast-forward to September 2014. I’d been working at my current firm for  a year at that point and I was increasingly indulging my sweet tooth far too often. I eventually decided that I’d had enough – it was time to make a major life change. But how could I overcome my biggest hurdle and keep the weight off. The answer, it turns out, was simple.

Five/two rule

I eventually decided to follow what I call the five/two diet. Basically, on this regime you spend the five week days eating carefully and avoiding sweets, which are my fatal weakness. You have the other two days to eat whatever you want  and this tactic was really effective for me, because in those hard five days, I always know that I am only ever a few days away from a massive bar of chocolate and a few Greggs’ sausage rolls.

But I knew that my regime would have to involve some form of exercise, to work. At that point, I already spent two hours a day walking to and from work and I’ve kept this up over the past two years. I added some cardio to my regime, to give myself an extra boost. After some trial and error, I developed something that works for me. I now do around three or four sessions of intense cardio a week, although even here there’s some wiggle room.

Real results  


The results of this method have been gradual, but very real. Over the last few years, I’ve gone down a few clothes sizes – for example I’m now a 15 inch, instead of a 15.5 inch when it comes to shirts. My real motivation came from the compliments I received from other people on my slimmer figure. It’s similar to how receiving feedback while blogging in 2016 helped me keep putting digital pen to paper. When people come up to you and commend you for doing something positive, you want to carry to keep receiving complements.

There’s one thing I’ve failed to mention so far. During my first Christmas on this regime, I despaired over all the holiday weight I was putting on. I knew I needed to cut something out after Christmas was over. Dry January was out, as I enjoy dancing the night away at bars like Viaduct too much, so I decided to cut my other vice out of my life – sweets. The first sweet ban I did was immensely painful, as the sugar left my system and I even had the odd headache. It worked wonders though and I’ve been crying off sweets in January ever since.

All in moderation 

If I’ve learned anything over the last two+ years, is that moderation is the key to life. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of the small pleasures in life, as even the most stoical of people can’t resist temptation forever and the all-consuming guilt that follows afterwards just isn’t worth it. Neither should you indulge all the time, as you’ll just pile on the pounds. Adopt a moderate weight-loss regime, as not only will you shed the pounds, they’ll stay gone!

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