Five Attractions To Visit In Florence

If you’re thinking of taking a city-break in 2017, consider Florence. With services like Cheap Flights, you can fly to this outstanding cultural centre in two hours for as little as £31. As the epicentre of the Renaissance, Florence has a range of historical, religious, artistic and cultural sites for you to explore, allowing you to acquaint yourself with true geniuses. Here are five attractions I believe you should check out if you go to Florence.

Palazzo Pitti

You can find grand royal palaces to explore across thee European continent, from London to Vienna and Florence is no exception. You may want to stop by the Pallazzo Pitti, a 13th Century palace based in the beautiful Piazza della Signoria, which features a copy of Michaelangelo’s Statue of David. Boasting amazing Renaissance architecture, the palace has Florence’s town hall since the medieval era. You can visit this site for between €8 and €14 and check out its amazing secret tunnels, medieval paintings, with works from masters like Leonardo Da Vinci and museum, which displays historical and cultural artefacts, to gain some insight into historic Florentine life.

Bargello Museum

You’ll find a museum around every corner in Florence. Make sure you include the Bargello Museum, which specialises in sculptures, on your itinerary. You can tour this popular artistic attraction, which used to be a barracks within which is located within the Palazzo del Bargello for €8, every day until 2pm. At Bargello, you’ll be able to the works of some of the greatest Renaissance artists ever, including Michaelangelo, Cellini, Donatello and Verrocchio. With other collections showcasing everything from medals to tapestries, this is an art lover’s dream location!

Florence Cathedral

You can’t spend time in Italy, the centre of Roman Catholicism, without viewing epic stain glass windows and religious artefacts at a grand church. You may want to check out Florence Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo. One of the country’s largest churches, you can enter this grand Gothic structure for free. As you walk around, you’ll be able to glimpse breath-taking artworks, such as Giorgio Vasari’s Last Judgement fresco, as well as its fantastic pink, white and green marble interiors. Ensure you climb up the Cathedrals Cupola, from which you can look down on all of Florence.

Ponte Vecchio

If you’re a shopping enthusiast, you may want to stroll along the Ponte Vecchio while visiting Florence. This is a stunning stone bridge which spans the Arno River, which runs through Florence, at its narrowest point. While on the bridge, you can look down and watch boats float across the Arno, while drinking in Florence’s cool artistic vibe. Like many old bridges in Florence, the Ponte Vecchio has shops built along it. You can buy jewellery, artistic pieces and other souvenirs while walking the Ponte Vecchio, ensuring you have something to remind yo of your time in Florence.

Boboli Gardens

Nature enthusiasts should include the picturesque Boboli Gardens on their itinerary. Based at Piazza Pitti, you’ll have to pay €7 to enter, but it’ll be worth it. The Boboli Gardens are known for their lush green spaces, fantastic water features, like the Fountain of the Ocean and ‘garden sculpture’ spaces, which feature pieces dating as far back of the Roman Period. You can find statues of various classical figures, such as Perseus and Andromedae, stalactite-strewn grottos and amazing architectural features, like the 19th Century ‘Lemon House’ here, making this site a must-see when you’re in Florence.

Check out Florence

We’ve only just gotten started, with these five sites. Italy’s artistic heart, Florence has tonnes of world-renowned attractions to check out like Galleria dell’Accademia, which is home of Michaelangelo’s David. Coupled with charming cobbled streets, amazing shopping and fantastic cuisine houses, which serve mouth-watering Italian dishes, Florence is a world-class destination!

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