Five Attractions To Visit In Oslo

Oslo Opera House

If you’re looking for the ideal winter holiday destination, consider Oslo. You can fly from the UK to the Norwegian capital in roughly two hours, with trips costing as little as £17 when booked through services like Sky Scanner. Once you arrive, you’ll find a snow-covered, winter wonderland, steeped in centuries of enchanting Nordic history. When planning your itinerary, keep in mind the following five attractions to visit in Oslo. 

Resistance Museum

In Oslo, you’ll find a museum around every corner. As a World War Two enthusiast, I’d suggest you check out the Resistance Museum, which is based in the 12th Century Arkehus Fortress. In a world which has just seen hate-purveyor Donald Trump become US President, it’s vital that we never forget how radical populism can cause real damage. With tickets costing around £5 for adults, here you can see equipment, photos and documents which shed light on the fight to resist the Nazis during the German occupation of Norway.

Hovedøya Island

Nature enthusiasts should take a ferry to Hovedøya Island while visiting Oslo. By taking  the B1/B2/B4 lines from City Hall Pier 4 (in the city centre) in daylight hours, you an reach the Island in five minutes, although services are limited in winter. When you arrive you can hike through its unique, yet pretty rocky landscape, watching out for its fascinating flowers and animal life, some of which is protected. Hovedøya also features pristine shores and the ruins of a 12th Century Cisterian Monastery, making the Island a great day out.

Oslo Opera House

You can discover great opera attractions across Europe, from Paris to Prague and the Norwegian capital is no exception. Based on the city’s harbour, Oslo Opera House is a music and art lovers dream. You can walk up to its marble roof for free and look down on Oslo’s breath-taking city-scape. Inside, you can view artistic installations, like the iconic ‘She Lies’ sculpture and watch a variety of talented opera, ballet and theatre professionals. You can secure standing tickets starting from £10 per person, so its a real bargain!

Nobel Peace Centre

Find out more about the iconic Nobel Peace Prize, given annually to people who make our world a better place, at the Nobel Peace Centre, near Oslo City Hall. As an adult you’ll have to pay a £10 entrance free, but its free for children under 16. At the Nobel Peace Centre, you can see permanent and temporary exhibitions on war, peace and conflict resolution, providing fascinating  insight. For example from December 2016 to November 2017, there’ll be an exhibition on President Juan Santos and the Columbian people, allowing you to learn how this divided country is finally coming together to heal the wounds of the past.

Oslo Cathedral

Learn about Norway’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage at the famous Oslo Cathedral. Originally opened in 1697, Oslo Cathedral, which is based on Karl Johans Gate, is the main Church of Norway. The building, which is free to enter, boasts a beautiful Baroque interior, with an pulpit, altar piece and organ front which all feature stunning acanthus carvings.  It also has epic stained glass windows and ceiling murals depicting classic biblical scenes and you can book guided tours in advance, to see this landmark Church in its full glory.



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