How To Survive Long Train Journeys

If you’re not a fan of flying, you can always travel from the UK to European tourist hotspots like Prague by train. Taking a train to the continent can prove long and exhausting, so it’s vital that you prepare yourself beforehand, giving yourself the stress-free ride you need to start your fabulous getaway off right. To lend you a helping hand, here I explain how to survive long train journeys…

Dress very comfortably

Trains are no places for making fabulous fashion statements. I’d advise you to put on a loose, comfortable outfit before you embark on your long train journey, as you’ll be seated for ages and if you’re not comfortable, your trip will be an absolute nightmare! You should also think about opting for practical footwear instead of sky-high heels or statement trainers. If the train is really packed you might have to stand through your journey, so functional footwear is an absolute must!

Bring entertainment

Don’t step onto that train without entertainment. You’ll need it to keep yourself occupied, as the train makes it way across the countryside. You can use your phone for entertainment, but 4G on trains is notoriously spotty, so you might want to pack something that you don’t need the internet to enjoy like a book. I know that this is an absolutely shameless plug, considering that she’s my mother, but I suggest you take Felicity Davis’ Sins Of The Family with you. It really is a bloody good read!

Be careful with food and drink

By all means bring your own food and drink with you. You’ll need to keep your energy levels up if you want to survive an exhaustingly long train journey and start exploring your destination straight away. If you don’t bring your own, you may forced to buy food and drink from the trolley and they tend to charge obscene prices! Make sure that whatever you bring, it isn’t too loud or messy as otherwise, you may annoy your fellow passengers and you’ll have to deal with the tension for ages!

Keep valuables concealed

Most people are good and kind, but there’s always one bad apple in the bunch. You don’t want to encounter them on a long train journey, as they might steal your valuables. There’s nothing worse than being forced to find your way around a new city without Google Maps, because your phone was stolen on the way there. It’s really important that you invest in really effective safety measures for your luggage e.g. a strong lock for bags, so your valuables arrive at your destination with you!

Try to socialise

I know small talk is annoying. That’s another reason why its really important to bring some form of entertainment with you when embarking on long train journeys. But at least try to socialise. Part of the joy of going on holiday is meeting new people and experiencing new cultures You never know, you could meet someone really amazing on the train and talk for hours, ensuring the journey just flies by and you can always put your headphones in if they start irritating you. Obviously don’t trust anyone you meet on a train too much though – you still need to keep yourself safe while travelling.

Remember your destination

If all else fails, there’s one sure fire way to survive a long train journey; keep your destination in mind. When you have 4G, use your phone to look up all the wonderful, foreign attractions you’re planning to visit. By thinking about what a fabulous getaway you’re about to enjoy, the arduous train journey will just whiz you by and you’ll be be pulling into the station before you know it!

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