How To Block Donald Trump Online

As a political junkie, I am a fan of current affairs-based YouTube channels like The Young Turks. I was watching a few political segments online recently when I realised that I can’t wait until the US 2016 Presidential election is over. If he losses, as I think he will, I can (hopefully) finally stop hearing about the GOP candidate for President, Donald Trump, who is everywhere right now. If you feel the same way, learn how to block Donald Trump online.

Escaping celebrity culture

Social media has changed the way we communicate and receive information. With smartphones, we now have social media apps, so we can access this information on-the-go. Whether they are breaking the internet, yet again, or announcing yet another addition to their ‘squad,’ celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are increasingly using social media sites, especially those orientated around image-based content such as Instagram, to inject themselves into our lives.

Its increasingly starting to feel that there are some people (I’m looking at you, Kardashian-Jenner clan) that you just can’t escape from online. A few months back, a colleague of mine at work told me that there are now a range of technologies that you can use to remove the Kardashians from your digital life forever. Take the Kardashian Filter, which you can download for Google Chrome. You can basically use this technology to block every mention of the Kardashian-Jenners, by removing articles which refer to the incredibly annoying reality TV family online!

YUUGE problem

As I was watching the Young Turks, I was reminded of this conversation, so I decided to see if there was a similar ‘Trump filter.’ I must point out that I’m not going to use it. Like I said, even though he annoys the hell out of me, I am still a politics enthusiast. I know that over the next few months I’m just going to suck it up and get over my distaste for the Donald. I would also advise you to think very carefully before utilising this technology.

Yes, I know that Donald Trump is the most frustrating man on the planet. Whether he’s proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US or calling Mexicans ‘rapists’ and murderers,’ the New York billionaire seems to have the ability to rile up a saint and he’s only gotten worse since he became the official GOP candidate. But despite his rapidly falling opinion poll numbers, Donald Trump is still a threat to every single one of us until November, so you might want to keep an eye on him for now.

Trump Blocker

Yes, there is a ‘Trump Blocker‘ for Google Chrome. In fact, there are quite a few of them and there’s even one which is specifically devoted to erasing all mentions of the Donald on Facebook. The extension that I’m suggesting you utilise bills itself as “a Trump filter that actually works. Removes Donald Trump from web pages and filters/removes Donald Trump from Facebook and YouTube.”

So how can you download this fabulous piece of technology? Just search for ‘Trump Blocker’ on Google, head to the relevant page, click the ‘add to chrome’ button and download it. Once the Trump Blocker has been added, you should be incredibly happy with the programme, as it has received a tonne of rave reviews. One user by the name of Ben Katz even says that “its really great. I don’t have to see the devil again!” Harsh, but I totally get where you’re coming from Ben!

Delete the Donald

Admittedly, I only looked for a way to block Donald Trump on Google Chrome. I don’t know if you can erase mentions of the controversial Republican candidate on other browsers, but I imagine there are ways. If you perform a simple search on your relevant browser, find your blocker of choice and follow its download instructions, you’ll soon by able to delete the Donald from your online life!

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