What Can You Do In Whitby?

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the value of the British Pound has fallen significantly. With less money to spend, more Brits are holidaying at home, rather than flying abroad. If you’re going on a ‘stay-cation’ this summer, think about heading to Whitby – a classic English seaside town in North Yorkshire. So what can you do in Whitby?

Climb to the Abbey

No trip to Whitby is complete without a visit to Whitby Abbey; a fantastic Gothic ruin which stands majestically upon the town’s East Cliff. Built in the 7th Century A.D., this former Benedictine Abbey features breath-taking views of the bay below. It famously featured in Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, whose title character is supposedly buried on the grounds. When you climb up the 199 steps that lead to Whitby Abbey, you’ll get the chance to explore Whitby’s rich historical heritage!

Stroll the sea front

You just have to take some time to stroll along the sea front while you’re staying in Whitby. It has everything that a classic English sea front should have – quaint stalls, fun-packed arcades, thriving fish markets and plenty of fantastic eateries! For the best fish and chips this side of Hull, head to the Magpie Cafe on Golden Lion Bank. This classic British chippy serves up food that’s so mouth-wateringly good, that people actually queue up outside in the daytime just to get in!

Shop ’til you drop

If you just love quirky little shops, Whitby is your ideal shopping location! Delve down the town’s winding cobbled ginnels and you’ll stumble upon cosy shops selling everything from classic British sweets to new-age furnishings to jet jewellery, which Whitby is famous for. Due to its Dracula connection, Whitby is also a major British centre of Goth culture. When you come to this spooky seaside town, you’ll be able to buy some of the most authentic Goth-inspired clothing in Britain!

Learn about Dracula

Whitby is practically a pilgrimage site for Dracula enthusiasts. Not only does it feature the Abbey, but while visiting Whitby you can sign up for the Dracula experience! Based on the sea front, this spine-tingling attraction utilises animated scenes, special effects and even live actors to introduce you to the unique history of Dracula. Learn more about literature’s most celebrated vampire by strolling through the town’s narrow little backstreets of Whitby, so you can find out why Whitby served as the perfect backdrop for Stoker’s most iconic work!

Visit the Capitan Cook Museum

Captain James Cook, was one of the greatest sailors and explorers of the 18th Century. Find out more about this celebrated British seafarer by stopping at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum on Grape Lane, Whitby. Housed in the building where Cook once lived as an apprentice, the Museum possesses a range of original letters, maps, charts, ship models from his landmark voyages for you to explore! Also including a gift shop, learning zone and regular events, the Captain Cook Memorial Museum is fun for all the family!

Explore the UK

You don’t have to fly to glitzy cities Prague to make wonderful holiday memories. With cool, quirky shops, glorious architecture and a range of compelling historical attractions, Whitby is the rival of any European capital as a holiday destination! If you’re looking to rein in your finances right now, why not ditch the foreign getaway and have the time of your life in Whitby this summer!

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