How To Live With Other People

Living with other people is like travelling with friends. If you’re not careful, one small, seemingly insignificant issue can blow up into World War Three! Drawing on my own experiences of living in house shares, here I explain how to live with other people!

Talk beforehand

With sites like Spare Room, it’s easer than ever to live on your own. This is great, but the downside is that you have to take a leap of faith and move into a house with people you don’t know well. How do you know you’ll be able to live together? Talk with your potential new house mates before you all move in together, so you know whether they’re the type of people you can reasonably live with.

Draw up schedules

What happens if you want to use the shower at the same time as somebody else and you both need to be at work in half an hour? Your desperation may force you to get into an unnecessary argument with your house mate that’ll make it harder to live with each other. Make house schedules facilities such as showers and cookers, so you can all live your lives without getting in each others ways.

Establish house rotas

There’s nothing worse than a house mate who doesn’t do their washing up or who won’t wash the bathroom. The house belongs to all of you, so you should all take responsibility for making sure it remains liveable. This is why it’s vital that when you live with other people, you establish house cleaning rotas so you all do your fair share and keep your communal spaces nice and tidy!

Set up a kitty

If you’re sharing a house with other people, money is often the root of all arguments. There are certain communal costs that you are going to have to deal with collectively as a house and if people shirk their monetary responsibilities, your house won’t remain harmonious for long. Set up a house kitty for expenses such as washing up liquid and bills and make sure everyone contributes regularly so money isn’t a problem!

Learn anger management

When you’re living with other people, at some point they will annoy you. Don’t act on your feelings, as you will just annoy them back and make things even more tense. I’d advise you to learn which anger management technique e.g. going for a walk, counting slowly to ten, works best for you and deploy it in stressful house-related situations. Trust me, your life will be so much easier!

Talk it out

There’s a difference between not reacting with anger and avoiding a situation altogether. If you pursue the latter option when someone you’re living with annoy you, there’s only so long you’ll be able to take it without exploding. After you’ve calmed down, take the person who’s irritated you aside and calmly talk the problem through with them so you can both get on with your lives.

Find your way

If you have decided to live with other people you need to find a way to coexist otherwise your life will be a living hell. The key to living with other people, especially those you don’t know very well, is to learn the art of compromise. If you know when to stand your ground and when to let things go, you’ll be able to live with other people in peace!

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