How to Find Your Way Around a New City

If you’re planning to head off on a fabulous city-break this Easter, stick around. Jetting out to a foreign metropolis like Prague or Vienna can allow you to visit wonderful attractions and explore a fascinating new culture. But you won’t be able to actually these sites, if you don’t learn how to find your way around a new city. Here are five tips you might want to try out on your next city-break…

Ask for directions

Never be afraid to ask for directions when you’re exploring a new city. Generally, local people tend to be pretty friendly and most will be more than willing to help. But what about if you’re in a different country? Won’t you have a language barrier to deal with? That’s what body language is for!

Download the app

Speaking of the language barrier, these days you can use technology to overcome it. You can get language translator apps for your smartphone such as iTranslate for IOS or Easy Language Translate for Android. With these handy little tools, you’ll be speaking to people literally using their own language, so they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Follow your map

While we’re on the subject of smartphones, I would advise you to have one on your person at all times while you’re strolling through a city you don’t know. Most phones have map apps such as Google Maps. Just type the address into the programmes search bar and the map will show you how to get there! You can even use GPS to show you if you’re heading in the right direction; isn’t modern technology absolutely marvellous!

Consult your phrase book

Modern technology may be wonderful, but it isn’t infallible. If your smartphone conks out while you’re getting to grips with a foreign metropolis and you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your language, what should you do? Make sure you’ve brought the appropriate phrase book with you! This will allow you to communicate with the locals and decode foreign street signs so you can get from A to B, no matter where in the world you’re spending your getaway!

Lose your way

It may seem counter-productive, but actively deciding to lose your way when you’re spending time in a new city can actually help you come to understand the place a whole lot more. I’d strongly suggest that at some point during your holiday, you set aside at least a day to explore your chosen destination without a map. The hidden gems are always tucked away off the beaten track!

Seize your opportunity

Most importantly, don’t let the thought of walking around a city you don’t know hold you back. How often do you get the chance to discover a place where everything is so different to what you know and live with every day? Take the bull by the horns and find your away around your chosen destination, so you can learn about everything it has to offer!

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