Dance the Night Away at Dempseys

Amid Sheffield’s kitsch, independent bars and glittering, up-scale nightclubs, you’ll find Dempseys on Young Street. Hands down, its one of the best gay bars the Steel City has to offer. It’s the kind of place where you can forget your troubles and dance the night away!

Delirious wonders

Billing itself as ‘Sheffield’s number one gay venue,’ Dempseys is well worth its admission price. Entry into Dempseys used to be fairly considerable, but its gone down in recent years. If you’re planning to visit this premier Sheffield hotspot regularly, you may want to invest in a membership card. It’ll cost you £6 but it’s well worth the investment; it’ll allow you to experience all the delirious wonders Dempseys has to offer for reduced admission.

Two worlds

When you head into Dempseys, you get two nights for the price of one. Downstairs, you’ll find a funky bar with subtle lighting, vibrant décor and a DJ booth one could only call ‘unique.’ But when you head upstairs, it’s like climbing up into a whole new world. The upper portion of Dempseys features the kind of fixtures and fittings you’d usually find in Ibiza, complete with a platform-cage on the dance floor!

Selection of beverages

If you’re looking for the showy cocktails you’d usually find at The Alchemist, Dempseys isn’t your kind of place. The Steel City’s most famous gay bar sells all the usual beverages – beer, wine etc., but it doesn’t have a particularly flashy drinks list. Furthermore its prices can be pretty hefty, at least for Sheffield anyway. But you can buy bottles of Lambrini behind the bar… classy!

Dance with divas

Most people frequent Dempseys because it plays killer tunes. The club pumps out the the standard selection of diva hits – Madonna, Lady Gaga etc., that you’d expect at any gay bar. However, they also play album tracks, so you can tear up Dempseys’ well-trodden dance floor while grooving along to the hidden gems you secretly love! It also hosts a range of events, from karaoke to games nights, so you’ll never have a dull moment in Dempseys!

Forget your troubles

If you’re simply looking for a good time – to forget your troubles and just get happy, as Ms Garland once so kindly suggested we all do, Dempseys is the place for you. Its varied, diva-heavy playlist alone makes it one of the most fun gay bars not just in the Steel City, but in all of Yorkshire!

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