Enjoy a Drink and a Show at The Alchemist

Take a trip to The Alchemist in Leeds and you won’t even believe your eyes, you won’t even recognise, the wonderment that lies, behind the shimmer and the lights. A place which specialises in putting on magical spectacles, this cocktail bar will give you a show you’ll never forget!

Unique experience

The centre of Leeds is a young sophisticated urbanite’s dream. It boasts a heady array of sleek up-scale bars for young professionals with masses of expendable income. But if you fall into this demographic and you’re tired of the ‘same old, same old’ when it comes to Leeds night life, give The Alchemist, a fabulous cocktail bar located in The Trinity Shopping Centre, a try.

Delightful décor

The Alchemist is part of a chain, so in many ways its like the vast majority of high class cocktail bars in Leeds. It’s bedecked with the ultra-modern furnishings that are a hallmark of this kind of establishment. But step out onto its balcony and you’ll feel like you’ve fallen down into wonderland. Elegantly lit with fairy lights, the balcony gives you impressive panoramic views of the city below – giving you access to sights that’ll make your heart sing as you sup your expertly mixed cocktail!

Drinks menu

Speaking of it’s drinks, they’re the reason most people go to The Alchemist. Most cocktail bars aren’t cheap and The Alchemist is hardly an exception to this rule; you’ll probably end up paying at least £7 per drink – but they’re worth every penny. Whether you order something simple like a ‘Woo Woo’ or push the boat out and get a hand-crafted cocktail like a ‘Summer of Love,’ at The Alchemist you’ll always receive mind-blowing drinks concocted with only the finest of ingredients!

Alchemist’s magic

At The Alchemist, your drinks are the show. It uses “a variety of molecular drink-making techniques to surprise, baffle and confound your taste buds.” The bartenders are illusionists; they use magician-like tricks to make your concoctions smoke, bang, fizzle, bubble up and even change colour in front of your very eyes! Take The Alchemist’s ‘Smokey Old Fashioned;’ they ensure that smoke drifts lazily off the top of this classic Bourbon cocktail as you sip!

Evening show

Tired of going to high-end cocktail bar after high-end cocktail bar? The Alchemist is the place for you. With unrivalled views of the Leeds cityscape, first-class concoctions that go down a treat and bartenders that put on Houdini-esque shows every time they serve you, The Alchemist may be part of a chain but it’s far from generic!

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