Bar Review: Viaduct

Looking for a bloody great gay bar in Leeds? You might want to try Viaduct, its got it all; wicked tunes, cool décor, delicious drinks – you’ll have the night of your life, even if you have so many Vodka Red Bulls you don’t remember it the next day!

End of the night

The clock’s hit 12 and you’re not sure where to end your gin-fuelled night out in the Northern metropolis that is Leeds. I’d suggest you stop by Viaduct on 11 Lower Briggate in the city centre – it’s open seven days a week, it’s usually free to get in and often, this classic gay bar remains open until the small hours, so you can stay on the dance floor until you’re too tired to move!


Step inside Viaduct and you’ll be greeted with a pub-like area complete with traditional fixtures and fittings. Walk up to the bar and it gets more modern; by the time you reach the dance floor and the stage, somehow Viaduct’s turned itself into a full on club! Go down below and you’ll find yourself walking through cavern-like walkways as you head to the loos, which are cheekily decorated with a pair of old wooden stocks!

Drinks menu

It may usually be free to get into Viaduct, but they make their money back on the drinks. You’ll probably end up paying a minimum of £4 for a decent drink, while if you’re like me and you need a Vodka Red Bull to give you a little energy as the night goes on, you’ll end up paying around £5 for your much-needed pick me up! Nevertheless Viaduct has a good drinks menu, providing you with a wide array of beers, wines, spirits etc. to sup on while you boogie on down!

Music and entertainment

If you’re a fan of pop music, Viaduct is the place for you. They play all the biggest hits along with a good selection of dance, electro, R&B and even rock music. It’s also got a stage and Viaduct uses it to put on a tonne of different shows. Anybody who’s been will tell you that Viaduct’s drag shows are out of this world, while its in-house cabaret team wow audiences regularly with their cheeky charm, side-splitting satire and classic show girl numbers!

Night to remember

What makes a truly awesome gay bay? In my opinion (and I should know, I’ve been to enough of them over the years) the best gay bars are the ones you never want to leave. I was at Viaduct a fortnight ago and I was having such a good time, I didn’t even realise when last orders came around; that’s how you know you’ll always have a night to remember when you visit Viaduct!

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