Travel Spotlight: Prague

If you’re looking for the perfect city break destination you might want to think about Prague; the Czech Republic’s gleaming capital city has so much to see and do you’ll never want to leave!

Travel & Accommodation

Modern life is so hectic – between work and family and friends, who has the time to jet off to foreign lands? That’s why you might want to think about heading to Prague if you live in the UK. Flights from London to the Czech Republic’s capital only take around two hours and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to score one from a low cost airline for as little as £33!

Check out travel review site Tripadvisor’s list of Prague’s ten best hotels if you want to find somewhere amazing to stay while you’re in the city. It includes everything from up-scale establishments like the Hotel Paris Prague, a beautiful art-nouveau-style building in the city’s charming old town to more cost-effective options like the Mosaic House, a funky hostel only 14 minutes away from Wenceslas Square, the city’s main thoroughfare.

Bars and Restaurants

Nights out in Prague are one-of-a-kind; especially if you head to the Old Town, where you’ll find plenty of great bars. It has everything from quaint pubs like Caffery’s Irish Pub and the George and Dragon Pub to sleek modern bars like M1 Lounge Bar, Aloha Bar and Chapeu Rouge Bar where you can sup on cocktails and party til the break of dawn. With more first-rate bars dotted around the New Town as well (make sure you stop by Nebe, a popular music bar, while you’re there), you’ll have a whale of a night out!

As it becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, Prague is also developing a world class culinary scene. Want something classy? Spend a night at the Kampa Park Restaurant, which is located on an island in the Vlatava River that runs through the city – you’ll love its wide array of expertly prepared international dishes. Instead you could opt for the Bellevue, which provides an amazing fine dining experience or the Francouzska, which is known as the most striking art-nouveau restaurant on the continent. The Czech capital has a new romantic eatery for you try around ever corner!

Attractions and activities

You’ll never find yourself short of something to do in Prague. Fancy a nice stroll – walk along the legendary Charles bridge, which boasts a range of iconic statues. Feel like taking a cruise – go on a boat trip up and down the Vlatava River and glance out at Prague’s majestic cityscape. Want to indulge in a little shopping – head to Wenceslas Square, where you’ll find cute little boutiques, traditional stalls and major high street retailers like Debenhams and H&M.

Once a major centre of European high society, Prague also has a range of cultural gems. Make sure you explore its buildings – you’ll find new architectural delights like the Prague Astronomical Clock (the third oldest in the world) and the State Opera House wherever you turn. Also like any national capital, Prague has a lot of museums. Personally I’d suggest you check out the Franz Kafka Museum, where you can learn all about the famous Czech writer and the Museum of Communism – a must for any modern history enthusiast!

Speaking of history, you’ll find it everywhere in Prague. The city’s long list of historical attractions includes the Jewish quarter, Prague Castle (which dates back to the 9th Century), Vysehrad (a fortified medieval castle), the Estates Theatre (one of the oldest in Europe) and St Vitus Cathedral, which contains the tombs of many Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. If you fancy a day trip, you might want to head out to Konopiste, the lavish residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – the man whose death kick-started World War One. Full of elegant tapestries, luxurious furnishings and daunting ‘hunting trophies,’ Konopiste is one place you can’t afford to miss!

Holiday of a lifetime

There’s no city in the world like Prague. A true European jewel steeped in centuries of history, today Prague is both wonderfully old and fantastically new, boasting a whole raft of fun bars, first-rate eateries, amazing sites and outstanding hotels. If you choose to spend a weekend in the Czech capital, you could very well end up having the holiday of a lifetime!

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