Who Won The New Hampshire Primaries?

With Iowa behind us, yesterday it was New Hampshire’s turn to choose who will stand in the US general Presidential election in November 2016. The lines have closed and the votes have been counted and verified, so who won the New Hampshire primaries?

Heading into New Hampshire

Currently, the two main political parties in the US are holding a series of votes to determine who will become their respective standard bearers in the 2016 US general Presidential election. The first of these votes, the Iowa caucuses, were held last week. Hard-line conservative Ted Cruz, the US Senator for the State of Texas won on the Republican side, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton triumphed in the Democratic Iowa causes.

But opinion polls showed that things could look very different in New Hampshire, the next state to hold a vote and the first to hold ‘primaries.’ These polls showed loud-mouth billionaire Donald Trump smashing Cruz in New Hampshire and populist Bernie Sanders, the US Senator for the State of Vermont, coasting to victory against Clinton. US Senator for the State of Florida Marco Rubio surprised everybody in the Iowa Republican caucus by coming third, so many people wondered whether he’d be able to maintain this momentum in New Hampshire.

Primary results

The New Hampshire primaries for both parties were held on Tuesday 9th February 2016. Let’s start with the Republicans; according to the BBC, Donald Trump won in a landslide taking 35.3% of the vote. However Cruz didn’t come second, he came third with 11.7% of the vote. Second place went to John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio; he scored 15.8% of the vote.

As for the Democrats, Bernie proved the polls right by scoring his first win in this contest. What was amazing was just how resoundingly the maverick beat Clinton, the Democratic party establishment’s favoured candidate. Sanders grabbed 60.4% of the vote in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, while Clinton received just 38.4% of the vote.

Looking forward

If you’re a politics enthusiast like me, the next date you need to mark down in your calender is 20th February 2016. This is when the Republican’s will hold their South Carolina primary and the Democrats will hold their Nevada caucus. Let’s look at the Huffington Post’s amalgamation of opinion polls to see who may come out the victor in these upcoming battles.

According to Republican poll figures, it looks as though Donald Trump looks set to win in South Carolina with 36.4% of the vote. Cruz comes in second at 20%, while Rubio follows with polls suggesting he’ll earn 13.7% of the vote in the South Carolina Republican primary. Now on to the Democrats. The Huffington Post suggests that Clinton will beat Sanders by 50.2% to 27.0% in the Nevada Democratic caucus.

Surprise of the night

In a lot of ways, New Hampshire proved what we already know. Donald Trump is a force to be reckoned with and so is Bernie Sanders. But the real story for me here is John Kasich; the Ohio Governor came out of nowhere to steal second place from both Cruz and Rubio, which is no mean feat. Where we go from here, who knows – but I can’t wait to find out!

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