My Week Without a Laptop

Last Sunday, my laptop charger went kaput! And so began an incredibly frustrating week of gazing at my laptop like a lost puppy while balancing my tablet on my chest!

Joe v. technology

I’ve had a weird month when it comes to technology. You might recall that just a few short weeks ago I lost my laptop while partying the night away in the dimly lit nightclubs of Leeds. That incident taught me what you should do if you lose your phone. After that, I thought me and technology were cool – apparently not. Technology 1,000,000 – Joe 0.

I should add that I’ve got a pretty bad track record when it comes to all things technology. For starters, I go through a new pair of earphones every few months. I really must stop blasting my music! I’m just as bad with laptop chargers and two weeks ago I discovered, to my dismay, that yet another one was on its way out. Technology 1,000,001 – Joe 0.

Out like a light

I found a novel way to deal with the problem; a solution that’s worked every other time my charger’s decided to go bye bye. I twisted it around until my laptop started powering up again and held it in place. But having tried this tactic before, I knew it was only a matter of time before the damned thing stopped working completely. Technology 1,000,002 – Joe 0.

And that dark, dark day came on Sunday 24th January. There I was – minding my own business and recovering from yet another hangover – when all of the sudden my charger had the audacity to just give up. After asking my house mate where the nearest electronics store was, I went to get a new one. To my total dismay, they told me that the shop was closing for the day. I work 9 – 5.30 every weekday so at that point it dawned on me with breath-taking clarity. I wouldn’t have a laptop for at least five days! Technology 1,000,003 – Joe 0.

Daily struggle

I’ll be completely honest with you, at first I wasn’t as bothered as I should have been. Like a lot of people in modern Britain, I use my smartphone to access the internet more than my laptop, so that wouldn’t be an issue. Also, my mum gave me a tablet a few Christmases ago, I figured I could use that to watch YouTube – which sadly enough, is what I spend a fair amount of my evenings doing. Don’t judge me! Technology 1,000,003 – Joe 1?

But it just wasn’t to be. After a hard day of typing like a man possessed at work, I like to snuggle under the covers at night, lie down, put my laptop on my chest and spend the few precious hours I have before I do it all again watching trash telly. I tried this with my tablet – it did not go well! The screen’s annoyingly small and I had to keep holding the ruddy thing up so I didn’t strain my neck looking at it. My arms still haven’t forgiven me. Technology 1,000,004 – Joe 0.

Then I tried to use my tablet to write a blog entry. I’ve got to admit that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of touch screens. I can just about tolerate the one on my phone, but using it to type was like the recurring nightmare from which I could never wake up. Admittedly, I could have bought one of those attachable keyboards for it but by this point technology had gotten the best of me so many times I decided to not even think about going there. Technology… screw it, I’m not counting anymore!

Lesson learned?

Luckily enough, my week without a laptop is finally over. Yeey! If the last few days have taught me anything, its that like everyone else, I depend on the gadgets and devices which are the hallmark of the digital age way too much. Maybe I should follow my mum’s advice and start reading real life books more but let’s face it, I doubt that’ll happen any time soon!

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