Five Songs From Now 92 You Need to Listen To

I’m a bit of a lazy music lover. There’s nothing I like more than bopping along to the latest hits, but I don’t usually go to the effort of buying an artist’s actual album. Instead, I wait for the latest Now That’s What I Call Music (often referred to simply as Now) to come out, so I can buy all the singles I love in one go. I recently purchased Now 92, and here are five songs from the album you just have to check out.

Turn The Music Louder (Rumble) – KDA ft. Tinie Tempah and Katy B

I bought Now 92 because it had ‘Turn The Music Louder’ on it – I just heart this cheeky House track so much! Props to Tinie Tempah – he spits out rhymes like a man possessed on ‘Turn the Music Louder.’ Meanwhile Katy B kills it – she knows when to belt, when to hold back and when to coo sexily without ever becoming a caricature of the classic pop vixen. The result? A cool, infectious track that you’ll fall in love with the second you hear it.

The Party (This is How We Do It) – Joe Stone ft. Montell Jordan

I didn’t expect to like this song, but it soon became one of my favourites. DJ Joe Stone took Montell Jordan’s original 90s hit, ‘This is How We Do It,’ and infused it with some hardcore house beats to create this song and it’s a straight-up masterpiece. What really impressed me about this track was the vocal – it sounds almost Broadway-esque, and combining it with mystical synths and strong beats was a stroke of genius!

Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

Songs like ‘Skyscraper’ and ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ have-long proved that Demi Lovato can nail a ballad. But, at least in my opinion, ‘Cool for the Summer’ showed she can rock up-tempo dance as well. Here Lovato’s signature powerful vocal soars over stiff electric beats, thunderous claps and light piano, dipping and soaring in just the right places to create a track you’ll want to listen to again and again. Watch out for the hook – hear it once and you’ll be singing it all week!

Be Right There – Diplo & Sleepy Tom

Straight-up EDM sprinkled with a few dashes of pop and R&B, ‘Be Right There’ is destined to be a dance floor classic. To create ‘Be Right There’ Diplo and Sleepy Tom took 90s R&B track ‘Don’t Walk Away,’ ripped it apart and got American singer-songwriter Priscilla Renea to lay down the vocal. They knew what they were doing – Renea presents us with a soulful, yet joyous performance which blends effortlessly with futuristic, wobbly synths to form a corker of a tune!

Glitterball – Sigma ft. Ella Henderson

After hearing Ella Henderson’s distinctive voice shine on epic tracks such as ‘Ghost’ and ‘Glow,’ I had to give her drum & bass infused collaboration with Sigma, ‘Glitterball,’ a try. I wasn’t disappointed; her vocals are stunning, rising dizzily then plateauing euphorically, before crashing back down to earth beautifully. Add Sigma’s slick production – all whirring synths, dirty beats and choppy piano strains – into the mix and you end up with one hell of a track!

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