Five Places to Visit in Vienna

Austria’s capital city of Vienna boasts sophisticated culture, high art, breath-taking music and magnificent monuments. If you’re thinking about planning a trip to what many call ‘the city of music’ in 2016, here are five places I think you should definitely include on your itinerary.

Schonbrunn Palace

Just an hour’s drive outside of the city, Schonbrunn Palace once served as the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty, which ruled Austria for the better part of the last thousand years. Austria’s most visited site, Schonbrunn is a history lovers paradise. This Baroque-style Palace features a wide range of sumptuously decorated chambers, grand imperial artefacts and vast, epic gardens for you to explore!

St Stephen’s Cathedral

The ‘mother church’ of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna, St Stephen’s Cathedral is one attraction you can’t afford to miss. Located on Stephansplatz in the heart of the city, this Gothic-style edifice boasts grand marble tombs, ancient liturgical texts, magnificent altars, tastefully adorned side chapels, and so, so much more. Highlights include the Cathedral’s impressive display of gold and precious gem—studded holy relics, imposingly high bell-tower and multi-coloured tile roof, which has become one of Vienna’s most recognisable symbols!

Wiener Risenrad

If you’re travelling with children or you just want to gaze down on Vienna from above, stop by the Wiener Risenrad at some point during your trip. It’s basically a giant, 64.75 metre Ferris Wheel located at the Prater amusement ark in Vienna’s 2nd district, Leopoldstadt. A ride on the Wiener Risenrad which will allow you to look down upon Vienna’s epic cityscape, while a trip to the amusement park will provide your children with holiday memories they’ll cherish forever!

Museums Quarter

Once the centre of European culture, art and philosophy, today Vienna has a number of amazing museums for you to visit. Many are housed in Vienna’s stunning Museums Quarter (based in the city’s 7th district) which is the 8th largest cultural area in the world. It has everything from large art museums such as the Leopold Museum, which features a huge collection of modern art, to innovative contemporary exhibition spaces like the Kunsthalle Wien, which has a reputation for showcasing the work of exciting new artists.

Vienna State Opera

Vienna once played host to some of the most celebrated composers in history including Mozart and Beethoven. Therefore no holiday to the city of music is complete without a stop at the Vienna State Opera. Based in the centre of the Austrian capital, the Opera puts on a wide array of productions featuring some of the most talented composers, singers, dancers and pianists on earth. Despite the high class reputation of opera, you can secure a ticket to see a show at the Vienna State Opera for a very reasonable price these days!

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