New Year’s Resolution – Taking Another Stab at Blogging

2016 has officially arrived and I’ve decided to make one hell of a resolution; once again, I’m going to turn my hand to blogging!

New year, new me… well sort of. 2016 has officially arrived and I’ve decided to make one hell of a resolution; once again, I’m going to turn my hand to blogging!

Social actor

I started studying for my degree at Lancaster University in 2007. That year we all had to take three courses. I was a combined English Literature and Religious Studies major, so I only had to take one extra course and I chose Sociology.

I dropped it after first year, but some of the people I met in sociology (thinking of you Maria McLenaghan!) have stayed with me to this very day. One particularly strong memory from that time is the theory of the ‘social actor.’ This is the idea that we all wear different ‘masks’ throughout our lives – that we present different sides of our personalities, depending on who we’re talking too.

Two sides

That memory floated into my mind earlier this month and it made me think about blogging – which I’ve let slide over the previous six months or so. If I’ve learned anything about myself over the past few years it’s that there’s one Joe Davis for the office and another for home.

My mother once called me ‘industrious’ and that word fits my work persona like a glove. My colleagues will tell you I’m industrious to the point of annoyance – something I probably need to work on this year! But my life’s so hectic; if I’m not busying typing away at my keyboard in the office, I’m out clubbing with my mates or furiously exercising in my never ending quest to get fit.

The minute I get home, the industrious side of me disappears like breath on a bathroom mirror. All that’s left is the lazy, tired Joe Davis who just wants to eat tea, watch EastEnders, read a history article online (I’m oddly interested in the Prussian Empire at the moment) and flop down into bed.

Recommitting to blogging

Last year, I launched this blog with the full intention of posting regularly. I gave it a good shot, I posted a few articles about my life, politics and culture. However life got in the way, I grew distracted by the whirlwind that is my world and eventually I just gave up.

This is my roundabout way of saying that I’ve decided to start blogging again. We’re at the start of a new year and I don’t want to make excuses anymore. I’m the only person who decides how my life is going to be. Towards the end of last year I kept saying that I was too tired, too busy, too distracted to post so I didn’t. This year I don’t care if I’m tired, busy or distracted I’m going to post and recapture my love of writing for pleasure!

Hold me to it

I can understand why you may be sceptical – what’s changed? I have. No longer am I content to let the industrious part of myself fall to the wayside the minute I step through my own front door. 2016 signals the start of the rest of my life; one where I grab the bull by the horns and blog with abandon.

But I’m going to need your help, reader. I don’t want to be one of those people who commits themselves to carrying out a New Year’s resolution for one month before giving up. Hold me to this promise so I have the motivation I need to build a rich, varied blog which boasts an array of attention grabbing, thought provoking pieces throughout 2016!

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