Thank You Felicity Newbold for Giving Me Life

Felicity and Marjorie

As I sit here about to write this article we’re just over half way through Mother’s Day. The one day a year we set aside to thank those women who have looked after us, picked us up when we fell and stood behind us no matter what throughout our entire lives. Now seemed like a good opportunity to say thank you to Felicity Newbold for giving me life!

Who is Felicity Newbold?

Anybody who knows me knows who Felicity Newbold is. My mum. The woman who for better or worse (some people may say worse!) brought me into this world.

There’s nobody on this planet quite like my mum. Felicity Newbold is a teacher and writer (check out her novel on my weird family history, Guard a Silver Sixpence, it’s amazing) who overcame difficult circumstances to become the person I look up to the most in the world.

The highs and lows of the mother son relationship

Don’t get me wrong, we have our moments. Right about now that near blow-out we had over a (not) floating metal ball in a pond is coming to mind. These days we often say to each other (jokingly, yet knowing its true), that we couldn’t live together any more. We love each other but in some ways we’re too similar whilst in others we’re as far apart as the UK and Australia. We’d probably end up getting on each others last nerves before the sun went down on our first day of cohabitation.

Yet we have a bloody great relationship as well. A lot of people say I’m a lot like my mum and not only do I take it as a great compliment, I reckon they’re pretty right too. We’re both intelligent, passionate, opinionated, caring, interested in serious issues like global politics but we also both love of trash TV too. A few weeks ago we even Facebooked over the whole ‘Who Killed Lucy’ thing on Eastenders. The minute every episode of Live Week finished, I rang her straight away. It was the first thing I thought to do the minute the credits rolled.

Always there 

Yet the ultimate reason I want to say a China-sized thank you to Felicity Newbold today isn’t because I look up to her, it isn’t because I’m a huge fan of hers (I really am). It’s because she’s always been there for me.

I haven’t had a bad life by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve had my issues but who can say different in this crazy modern world we find ourselves living in? However like everyone else, I’ve had my issues. She’s been there every time. There’s this thing she likes to say to me. I’m paraphrasing here but essentially she tells me that she wants me to stand on my own two feet but if for some reason I can’t, she’s there. That’s how a mother should be in my opinion, she should be willing to let you grow up and make your own way in the world but she shouldn’t cut the apron-strings entirely. That’s how my mum is.

Thank you 

So there’s nothing else to say but thank you. Don’t misunderstand for a minute, every time you nag (admit it mum, you’re a nagger) I want to saw my own ears off just to make it stop but I know you nag because you care. For that I thank my mother on Mothers Day.

P.s. I hope you like this mum, since I live so far away this is pretty much my Mother’s Day present to you. I sent the card like you asked though…

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